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The financial and societal costs of prisoner recidivism are high and consequently reducing those costs are of equally high importance. Areas where recidivism is positively impacted are education and managed family/societal reintegration.

Recidivism Reduction

To reduce recidivism ex-offenders must have marketable job skills as they re-enter society. Providing offenders with good work-place skills makes them more attractive to employers and thereby increases their chances of obtaining and maintaining a job upon release. While basic numeracy and literacy skills lay the foundation for academic and vocational training, computer skills are necessary in almost all non-labouring jobs, thereby increasing their ability to obtain and maintain a place in the work-force post-release.


A secure Prisoner Interactive Learning System can deliver numerous immediate benefits to a correctional facility and to prisoners in addition to the longer-term benefits of recidivism reduction. These benefits include the consolidation of the various entertainment appliances into a single managed and secure device, reduction in boredom through the delivery of broader entertainment options to prisoners, and distance education opportunities.

To ensure these benefits are viable special attention and diligence is necessary in the design and delivery of any in-cell interactive technology solution.